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Anonymous asked: you're a fucking corporate shill. you don't deserve a goddamn opinon.


And here’s a sample of what’s been in my inbox all day! 

I made a handy pie-chart to get the point across!

— 2 years ago with 9 notes
#anonymous  #you spelled opinion wrong asshole 
  1. dragonsinparis said: HOW DARE YOU EXPRESS AN OPINION ON TUMBLR!! YOU DON’T COUNT BECAUSE YOUR WORK INVOLVES COMICS SO YOU MIGHT [GASP] ACTUALLY KNOW THINGS!! Ass is making my Black Widow whining look bad. Your points are legit. Tragic (NATASHAAAA!!) but legit.
  2. totalefinsternis said: I turned off anon because of shit like this, but it never got this bad :( I’m sorry you have to deal with all these assholes. it’s funny how some people have nothing else better to do with their lives than be cowardly douche anons on fucking tumblr.
  3. corelliaorbust said: Wow. So not cool. These people are why we can’t have nice things.
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