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PSA: Spoilers

Listen up.

It’s officially MCU spoiler season, and I’m pretty sure if everyone acts like responsible internet citizens and tags appropriately, we can avoid a metric shit-ton of incandescent rage. 

  • Understand that for some people, any trailer is considered a spoiler.
  • Understand that for some people, international tv spots are considered a spoiler.
  • Understand that some people just don’t give a fuck about being spoiled. 

Let’s talk business. Be a decent tumblr-user and tag your posts. Don’t lazily reblog a gif set without tagging it. If we agree on a universal tag system for Iron Man 3 we can all celebrate a joyous movie premiere. 

Proposed Tags

  • IM3Spoilers
  • MCUSpoilers

Please tag your posts going forward, or else I will turn into Shirley DeFabio.

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    I don’t particularly mind spoilers, but I know lots of other people that do. Tag your fucking spoilers. Please.
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    Reblogging myself because ‘TIS THE MOTHERFUCKING SEASON.
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    I, personally, will be using IM3Spoilers. If I accidentally forget, let me know. But I’ll try to remember!!
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    Actually, tagging for at least a couple weeks, even up to a month, after release is generally the best policy. It’s a...
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    THIS. Personally, I consider anything that is not an officially released trailer to be a spoiler. I also consider any...
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    Also, when the movie itself comes out, since the international release is a week before the U.S. release date, don’t be...