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Look, let’s talk summer recipes. The sexiest thing you can say to me after “Avengers Nude Fro-Yo Wrestling” is “No-Bake”.

My favorite side/lunch/snack/dinner in the summer happens to be flash picked cucumbers. The key to this shit is finding the right cucumbers. I fucking love them. Beauty accessories and food. What more can I ask of a vegetable? Any cucumber will do in a pinch, but for the truly lazy and those that have a refined palate (haha), you have to go find Persian Cucumbers. Persian cucumbers are the sexiest motherfucking vegetables you will put in your mouth. 1) You don’t have to peel them and 2) They are slightly sweet, but retain that typical cucumber zest and refreshing quality. Half the time, I end up just eating a whole one like a goddamn churro.

🔪3-4 Persian Cucumbers (preferably organic)
🔪Medium Sized Bowl
🔪Apple Cider Vinegar (preferably organic)
🔪1 tsp Turbinado Sugar
🔪Water (preferably purified)
🔪Fresh Ground Peppercorn (optional)

Wash and then slice the cucumbers into the desired “chip” size.

Toss them into a bowl and pour apple cider vinegar over the veggies until you’ve coated the bottom of the bowl and the cucumbers are floating. (I have no idea how much vinegar you need, just eyeball it.)

Add in a teaspoon of the sugar.

Add maybe 1/4 a cup of purified water. You’re going for a 3 to 1 ration on the vinegar and water.

Mix it.

Grind fresh peppercorn to taste.

Profit. (You can eat it now, or refrigerate it for a few hours and then eat it.)

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