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I’m seeing some HD-quality gifs from IM3 and it’s scenes that haven’t been gif’d before, so maybe let’s start re-tagging Iron Man 3 stuff since some of us are waiting for the home release?

Personally, I think IM3 is the easiest of all tags.

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Tour de Stark

On Sunday, Erica (JulianStark) and I embarked on an Iron Man-inspired field trip throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

We had two rules:

  1. Visit every publicly accessible location spotted in an Iron Man film that was local to the area.
  2. Do it all in one day.

We left from my apartment in Los Feliz and traveled to a soundtrack of AC/DC, Daft Punk, and N.W.A courtesy of DJ J.A.R.V.I.S. Join us (in order) on our journey!


TCL Chinese Theatre - Hollywood, CA - Iron Man3

Initially, we thought the area was under construction and not open to the public, but the entrance was moved to the gift store (natch) and a full screen was in front of the theatre. After making our way through the crowd of confused tourists and terrible costumers, we were able to run in and grab a few pictures. RDJ, you aren’t fooling anyone. You were wearing lifts in those shoes.


Neptune’s Net - Malibu, CA - Iron Man 3

We decided that Neptune’s Net would be a great stop for lunch, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s very VERY popular with the biker crowd. After much soul-searching, we both opted for the fish tacos (fish, pineapple slaw, and avocado) and beer. While arguably burgers would have been canonically appropriate, we couldn’t eat at a restaurant located across the street from the ocean and not have fish. 


Point Dume - Malibu, CA - IM 1/2/3

Point Dume was a slight misadventure that turned into a happy mistake. Originally, we thought we’d be able to secure parking near the bluff, and just go have a moment and throw an arc reactor over the edge, but there was absolutely zero parking near the bluff, so we drove down an access road and found free parking about a mile down the beach, and wouldn’t you know, we packed a giant bottle of sangria, cheese sticks, and a beach towel. We trekked down the beach until we were able to climb over the rocks when the tide was lower and grabbed some amazing photos. Once we got out of the water, we made camp close to the cliff face, and opened our bottle of sangria. Initially, we hadn’t intended staying for long, but the lure of the ocean is strong so we spent an hour basking in the sun and enjoying each other’s company. We spotted two northern fur seals that actually got rather close to shore, which prompted Erica to shout LOOSE SEAL LOOSE SEAL. And then we realized there were two of them: LOOSE SEAL ONE AND LOOSE SEAL TWO. The height of comedy, let me tell you. While the seals were presumably fishing, we also saw a Pacific white-sided dolphin breach which was absolutely stunning. Realizing we still had over half our tour to complete, we slogged through the sand back to the car.


Strawberry Dealer - Pacific Coast Highway - Iron Man 2

Interestingly, this wasn’t a planned stop! As we were driving up the PCH, we came across this little vista and looked so familiar to me, then Erica said, “Heeeeey, are you Iron Man?” and lo and behold this was the spot where Tony buys the ill-fated strawberries. We joked as we were driving that if we saw a strawberry vendor on the street we’d stop on the way back and buy the berries and then drive to the spot. As you guessed, a mile up the road was a roadside strawberry dealer. Luckily, we’re not allergic and purchased a few baskets and posed with them. Note: They are DELICIOUS. 


Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica, CA - Iron Man

The Santa Monica appear was completely packed due to a wine tasting event, and everyone and their collective brother wanting to visit, so this was essentially a race for a quick photo op, and then we were back on the road. Fun Fact: Erica almost threw down with someone over a parking spot. It was beautiful.


Randy’s Donuts - Inglewood, CA - Iron Man 2

Everything is Randy’s Donuts and nothing hurts. We lucked out on traffic leaving Santa Monica and hopping on the 10 and then the 405. Spotting the donut in the distance, we enjoyed the approach and made every joke/reference you could possibly imagine. Randy’s has a huge selection and has incredibly cheap prices. The donuts were fresh and warm, and perfectly delicious. I have so many of them. I will likely be eating them this entire week as meals.


Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles, CA - Iron Man

The Walt Disney Concert Hall located in Downtown LA is wonderfully modern and a perfect place to visit if you’re in the mood for the über-talented LA Philharmonic. Like the utter bosses we are and a concentrated casual disregard for tourists, we parked in the bus loading zone, threw on the caution light, and made a mad dash to grab photos before the fuzz showed up. We were especially delighted to snap photos of the “Don’t fuckin’ cry” stairs.


A few notes:

  • We left at 10:30AM and arrived back in Los Feliz around 8PM.
  • We paid a total of $1.25 for parking (combination of lucking into free spaces, meters, stealing a spot in the dollar lot in Santa Monica, and illegal parking). The Stark was with us.
  • 12 fancy donuts cost us around $10.
  • Neptune’s Net was around $35 before tip for 2 beers, 2 orders of fish tacos, and onion rings.
  • The strawberries were $7.

That’s all folks, thanks for joining us on the Tour de Stark!

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Iron Man 3: The Road Trip

Below are some locations featured in Iron Man 3 that you could potentially visit, or at least stop in front of and gawk before being ushered along nicely. 

Stark Industries


These exterior building shots were filmed in Cary, NC at the HQ of Epic Games. So clearly while you can’t exactly march in and start asking about badges, it’s a place you could drive by and wave at. 

The Chinese Theatre


TCL Chinese Theatre, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Mann’s Chinese Theatre, or whichever company buys it out next, is located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, CA. Generally swarming with tourists and locals alike, you too, can trace the steps of Happy Hogan and explodey Extremis soldiers, and take in a whatever’s playing that day. 




An actual filmed-on-location spot, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens acts as part of Killian & The Mandarin’s laboratory/film studio/dungeon/base of operations. Located in Coconut Grove in the city of Miami and built in the early 20th century, the estate also includes acres of manicured Italian Renaissance gardens, a native forest, and a grotto “casino” area. Lucky for the curious, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is open daily for tours except for Tuesdays and major holidays. Bring your student ID and receive $5 off the price of regular admission. 

10880 Malibu Point  Malibu, CA 90265 


Because telling strangers where you live is always a great idea. While a fictional address, Tony’s Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse is supposed to be located atop a real-world land mass off the coast of Malibu called Point Dume. It’s a protected area, so naturally the house and sets were not built on the cliffs, but lucky for you, it’s a state beach, and you can go a’sifting for DUM-E’s servos in the sand while imagining a wine cellar full of armor lurks somewhere inside the cliff.

Neptune’s Net


What’s better than a few cold ones, fresh seafood, burgers, and readily available parking for your Mk Whatever and Iron Patriot armor? All these things and more can be found at Neptune’s Net located at 42505 Pacific Coast HWY in Malibu, CA. Loved by locals and tourists alike, if reviews can be trusted, service can be salty but is well worth it for booze, food, and ambience. While not actually filmed on location (a mock-up of the joint was built for filming), you can still bring a pack of crayons and your appetite for the full experience. 

Note: None of these photos belong to me and were pulled from either the websites linked, or wikipedia.

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Iron Man 3 - Extra footage - For China ( Download the 2 extra clips here)


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Kevin Feige (currently answering questions on the Iron Man twitter) on the return of Extremis post-IM3. 

Kevin Feige (currently answering questions on the Iron Man twitter) on the return of Extremis post-IM3. 

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Now I’m wrapped in wires and starting fires

I’ll burn this whole thing down

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look everyone I made a gif to express how I feel about this movie

it’s like looking into a mirror

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He’s just not that kind of doctor. ;)

this might be my favorite thing


He’s just not that kind of doctor. ;)

this might be my favorite thing

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