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Sometimes I laugh because there was an actual YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD scene in Thor: The Dark World.

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Anonymous asked: hi, i'm a bit embarrassed to asked this off anon but I'm new to to the comic book world and I was wondering if you could recommend some Thor comics to read. Preferably with lots of Loki in it as well. I wanna see more of what he's like as a (eviler) villain. Thank you so much!


Sorry, Anon! I’ve been a bit too busy and only blogging from my phone to answer this, but here we go!

For Thor, you have to start with the classics. It’s where you see a good portion of his mythos and continuity developed (as well as Loki being a dick). I really recommend getting your hands on the Simonson Thor omnibus (Thormnibus?). Because it’s a giant book, your local library might have it, or if you’re friendly w/ any mega comic nerds, this should be a staple in their collection and you can borrow it. (I lucked out and grabbed mine awhile back from Thwipster when that was a thing for $65.) You can also just buy the first two Simonson trades as well, those are super fresh reprints and much cheaper (third volume is supposed to be rereleased in december maybe?).

Next up is Thor: The Mighty Avenger. This is the book you will see me banging on the walls of my jail cell, because the reason why we don’t have more than 8 issues and a FCBD issue is because of assholes that refuse to legally buy books and torrent them. $18 gets you the full collection and this is without a doubt my personal favorite Thor series. No prior reading is required. You can be a total noob and pick this book up and understand EVERYTHING. It’s removed from 616 canon, so it’s just easy to dive into. Ya boy Samnee is on art and it’s glorious. Also, I firmly believe this is Wilson’s best coloring. There’s a scene of Asgard and it’s the most luminous panel I’ve ever seen and it’s stuck with me over the years. This is the Mary Poppins of Thor comics: practically perfect in every way. 

Some people like JMS’ Thor. I do not. If you want to see some amazing and hot as fuck art by Coipel, grab it. 

Get Fraction’s The Mighty Thor. It’s a good modern read.

And Aaron’s new Thor is amazing. It’s very much removed from earth matters re: the first full arc, but it’s nonetheless engaging. 

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“I shall always find you” (Thor vol.3 #2)


“I shall always find you” (Thor vol.3 #2)

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Food for Thought: Thor The Dark World

sitting in traffic, so here’s some ttdw thoughts:

warning: spoilers ahead 




there’s tons of things i loved about ttdw (and the mcu in general), but one of my favorite things is the non-traditional infinity gem. you have the tesseract functioning as the blue infinity gem (mental/psionic power) which since it was powering the loki’s chitauri scepter in the avengers that explains how and why he was able to use mind-control. now you have the aether functioning as the red infinity gem (power, energy) AND THAT IS AMAZING. the mid-after credit sequence is just so perfect and creepy with the collector it makes me want to build a time machine and travel to the premiere of GOTG, but i digress. the fact that sif and volstagg are delivering an infinity gem TO THE COLLECTOR can only mean this is a direct order from their KING aka loki-as-odin. which we can infer, still means that loki is aware of thanos’ need for a complete infinity gauntlet and possibly cements him [thanos] in a better position of power. 

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Thor, The Dark World Collector Posters [x]

With the release of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ fast approaching, Shortlist has commissioned a set of top-notch artists to come up with their own poster designs for the film. Posters by Matt FergusonMatt NeedleOllie BoydPeter StultsScott WoolstonLiam BushbyPaul JeffreyJamie Roberts and Samuel Esquire.

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Don’t drop that thun thun thun!! #Thor

Don’t drop that thun thun thun!! #Thor

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