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cousinjenny asked: most underrated comics, in your opinion, both past and present


This is soooooo hard. A lot of things I love are appreciated already. 

Before DC became The Actual Worst, I’d recommend the entire run of Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl. Never has there been a more complete run that is filled with a guiding ethos of redemption by way of hope, hard work, and determination. This series never got the love it deserved. Period the end.

I feel like a lot of people shit on Casanova because they just don’t get it. It took me 3 tries to read the first book, but once I was at a certain point in my life, the book clicked. If you’re struggling and kind of hate yourself as well as everything around you, Fraction’s Casanova will probably speak to you on a molecular level. 

Oh. Everything Bendis ever touched with Avengers on the title. All the complaining and bitching and moaning about the current run on titles? Bendis was right there. Making good stories. Complete stories. Long stories. Short stories. Different characters. Old dogs. New dogs. Those were some quality-ass books and I never wanted to set myself on fire.

Ummmm. What else….. High Crimes from MonkeyBrain is hella good. Features a ridiculously awesome and flawed female lead, but none y’all* ever talking about Zan. Y’all only concerned with people that can fly or zap or wear spandex. 

*y’all meaning everyone else, not you @socies 

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Hey remember that time Tony went on a cosmic vacation with the Guardians of the Galaxy and he was a gazillion billion light years away from the Illuminati.
I miss those days.


Hey remember that time Tony went on a cosmic vacation with the Guardians of the Galaxy and he was a gazillion billion light years away from the Illuminati.

I miss those days.

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Anonymous asked: But didn't you say earlier to kill Tony?



Yes, I did and this is why:

The possibility of him dying is incredibly high, we know this because—

  • He has no July run. His last comic is set to run June 1st that same day that the Hulk v Iron Man Original Sin comic comes out. Waid said “Neither is Banner a terribly forgiving human being if he feels like he’s been wronged. He may be, but the Hulk is about as forgiving as a hurricane.” That raises a few questions, does it not? Even more so WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE BUT HIM.
  • In this comic Swan said that Tony is “A man coming to the end of himself.”
  • Tony has been preparing to leave. His assets are set, the Avengers have been turned over, this fight with Steve has left him homeless and is the last straw on the camel’s back.
  • Tony’s unstable. He’s suicidal. He knows something that we don’t and has more than likely known that he will not live.
  • If this is “Civil War,” or a Steve/Tony fight, we know that Steve has already died, making it Tony’s turn.
  • Arno and Rhodey have suits, which means both the Iron Man and Stark name can continue on.
  • And, if nothing else, at the beginning of Hickman’s run it said that Tony is death where Steve is life.

Now, I say that I want Tony to be killed because he has put up with enough scapegoating and guilt that I want him killed so he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. Tony’s tired. He’s losing his mind. I say kill him and let him have a bit of peace before bringing him back in a year.


I swear to god, the OP is living inside my brain. I’ve been praying for them to kill off Tony forever because I can’t deal with Tony “Forever Scapegoat” Stark for another stupid fucking run. Bring him back a month before Age of Ultron premieres. It’ll be fine.

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godoflaundrybaskets asked: If you're feeling up for more rec-lists, I would like to see where you'd rec starting Daredevil. I've only read the ultimate one-shot of Daredevil... Where would be a good place to start in 616?


Sorry, sorry! I’m terrible at timely asks.

Daredevil is a GR8 option if you’re looking for a noir-style hero. He’s relatively self-contained within the Marvel Universe and a street-level hero, so Events! aren’t going to play a huge part in understanding what makes Matt Murdock tick. 

Once again, this is not a comprehensive list of What You Should Read. This is a very subjective list of What I Like. 

Daredevil: Yellow. This will always be my favorite. It’s diary-esque in its storytelling, and Loeb and Sale work incredibly well together to create an overwhelming sense of melancholy. Part origin story, it also chronicles his defining romance with Karen Page. A must read. 

Bendis and Maleev’s Daredevil is probably the most critical reading required for Matt Murdock. This isn’t an origin story. You need to jump in and start swimming immediately. I always feel that the current generation (mine and probably younger) always forget that Bendis at his absolute best is a master of noir and hardboiled, and you can tell. Gritty, dark and street-style heroics abound in this collection and it’s just so good.

Mark Waid’s Daredevil (the current incarnation) is kind of the polar opposite of every DD story that has come before? After Shadowland (omg never read Shadowland, it’s kind of the worst thing imaginable and everyone including Marvel pretends that it never happened), they kind of needed to make Matt viable again, so Waid did it and it was awesome? It’s very breezy compared to other Daredevil books. Plus the art team has been stellar since its inceptions: Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin, Chris Samnee (among others. 

Also if you really want the deep cuts, you should probably read Frank Miller’s DD stuff because to most ~critics~ it’s the essential Daredevil reading. 

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I figured it couldn’t hurt to post a little bit of the big project I’m working on with Joanna Estep. This is some character art and sample pages from Jangala, a futuristic gangland retelling of the Jungle book. Jo and I are really stoked to tell this story and are in the process of finding a good home for it! Here is our elevator pitch:

“Now this is the Law of the Jungle- as old and as true as the sky;

And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back-

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

Jangala is an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Books flung forward in time to an age where the wrecked earth is stumbling into a new century. Taking place in a futuristic Mumbai, Jangala retells the Jungle Books from the point of view of a young, untested police officer, Mowgli as he goes undercover into the dangerous gangland of an insular, impoverished slum to take down the violent drug kingpin, Shere Khan.

Written by Leia Weathington, the award-winning creator of The Legend of Bold Riley series, drawn by Harvey Award-winner Joanna Estep and featuring colors by Conley Smith, Jangala is a childhood story with sharp new teeth.

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Kyle Baker ~ Some of his “It’s Genetic” panels from Marvel Age.

These are fantastic.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there. I would like to get into more characters from Marvel but don't have enough funds to buy a bunch of comics nor do I want to pirate anything. How would I go about this? Thank you.


That’s very admirable, anon. I appreciate you reaching out for advice.

I think you’ve got several different options here. I’m not sure about your funds situation, if it’s you’ve got “x” to spend per month or you’ve got “x” to spend right now. 

From how your question reads, it appears you’re interested in diving into different characters and previous events instead of starting fresh. (If that’s not the case, let me know.)

  • In that case, if you’ve got $70 I’d recommend purchasing a subscriptions to the MDCU (Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited) for a year. You have access to a fairly robust back catalog with some current gems (Hawkeye, GOTG, etc.) thrown in for good measure. This isn’t complete in the least, but hey it’s a fairly comprehensive start. If you’re looking to dive into past series, but you also want to keep up with current books (Young Avengers, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, etc.) that are not added to MDCU in real time, if you purchase the deluxe membership for $100 you get a 15% discount in the digital marvel comics store that you can link to your comiXology account. It’s not a huge savings, but it can add up. Also some other bonus stuff that I don’t really care about.

MDCU Pros: One time yearly fee (or a monthly fee of $9.99), they often runs promotions so I’ve seen the yearly subscription fee deeply discounted, there are apps for iOS and Android or you can read on the web, fairly substantial library, etc.

MDCU Cons: It does cost money, not everything is listed, new issues of current series are not added in a sufficient amount of time to keep up with what’s going on and events, and the user experience is fucking terrible. It’s not the worst, but the apps are awful and sometimes I feel like using an etch a sketch would be better. 

  • The library. It’s free. Make friends with your local librarian. Oftentimes they have a direct input into what books their branch receives, and if you make your case and you’re nice, maybe you’ll be the first in line to grab that complete AvX edition off the library shelf. 

Library Pros: Free, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to make requests.

Library Cons: Limited selection, wait lists. 

  • Friends. Ask your friends if you can borrow their books. Make friends and then ask to borrow their books. If you’ve met me personally, you know that I will load you down with books I think you should read and send you off on your merry way. 

Friend Pros: Free, instant small talk topics.

Friend Cons: Your friend has horrible taste in comics, You aren’t their friend any more, You spill ice cream on their Simonson Thor Omnibus.

  • Used Book Stores are your friend, online and IRL. It’s difficult to know what you’re going to find, but sometimes you luck out. Check out TFAW’s nicks and dents page for used and discounted trades online. I vaguely remember them having insane sales during the holidays.

UBS Pros: Cheap, sometimes you find treasures

UBS Cons: Gross and used books, you can’t find exactly what you need, etc.

  • comiXology $.99 sales are the promised land. You can take home an entire series for $.99 a book if you want to and read it on your iOS/Android/Windows 8/Kindle Fire devices or on the web. 

CMX Pros: Cheap, Weekly, multi-platform

CMX Cons: You might not be interested in the sale, you might be too interested in the sale and spend $50.

So yeah, there are plenty of ways to read cheaply and not pirate books. A combination would probably work best, but it’s your money. Happy reading.

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