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Anonymous asked: Hi there. I would like to get into more characters from Marvel but don't have enough funds to buy a bunch of comics nor do I want to pirate anything. How would I go about this? Thank you.


That’s very admirable, anon. I appreciate you reaching out for advice.

I think you’ve got several different options here. I’m not sure about your funds situation, if it’s you’ve got “x” to spend per month or you’ve got “x” to spend right now. 

From how your question reads, it appears you’re interested in diving into different characters and previous events instead of starting fresh. (If that’s not the case, let me know.)

  • In that case, if you’ve got $70 I’d recommend purchasing a subscriptions to the MDCU (Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited) for a year. You have access to a fairly robust back catalog with some current gems (Hawkeye, GOTG, etc.) thrown in for good measure. This isn’t complete in the least, but hey it’s a fairly comprehensive start. If you’re looking to dive into past series, but you also want to keep up with current books (Young Avengers, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, etc.) that are not added to MDCU in real time, if you purchase the deluxe membership for $100 you get a 15% discount in the digital marvel comics store that you can link to your comiXology account. It’s not a huge savings, but it can add up. Also some other bonus stuff that I don’t really care about.

MDCU Pros: One time yearly fee (or a monthly fee of $9.99), they often runs promotions so I’ve seen the yearly subscription fee deeply discounted, there are apps for iOS and Android or you can read on the web, fairly substantial library, etc.

MDCU Cons: It does cost money, not everything is listed, new issues of current series are not added in a sufficient amount of time to keep up with what’s going on and events, and the user experience is fucking terrible. It’s not the worst, but the apps are awful and sometimes I feel like using an etch a sketch would be better. 

  • The library. It’s free. Make friends with your local librarian. Oftentimes they have a direct input into what books their branch receives, and if you make your case and you’re nice, maybe you’ll be the first in line to grab that complete AvX edition off the library shelf. 

Library Pros: Free, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to make requests.

Library Cons: Limited selection, wait lists. 

  • Friends. Ask your friends if you can borrow their books. Make friends and then ask to borrow their books. If you’ve met me personally, you know that I will load you down with books I think you should read and send you off on your merry way. 

Friend Pros: Free, instant small talk topics.

Friend Cons: Your friend has horrible taste in comics, You aren’t their friend any more, You spill ice cream on their Simonson Thor Omnibus.

  • Used Book Stores are your friend, online and IRL. It’s difficult to know what you’re going to find, but sometimes you luck out. Check out TFAW’s nicks and dents page for used and discounted trades online. I vaguely remember them having insane sales during the holidays.

UBS Pros: Cheap, sometimes you find treasures

UBS Cons: Gross and used books, you can’t find exactly what you need, etc.

  • comiXology $.99 sales are the promised land. You can take home an entire series for $.99 a book if you want to and read it on your iOS/Android/Windows 8/Kindle Fire devices or on the web. 

CMX Pros: Cheap, Weekly, multi-platform

CMX Cons: You might not be interested in the sale, you might be too interested in the sale and spend $50.

So yeah, there are plenty of ways to read cheaply and not pirate books. A combination would probably work best, but it’s your money. Happy reading.

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Matt Fraction Sale! Digital Comic Collection - Comics by comiXology →

One day only, all books $.99!

Matt Fraction Sale on comiXology includes:

  • Hawkeye #1-5 (Aja, Pulido)
  • Defenders #1-12 (The Dodsons, Pierfederici, Lark, Breitweiser, Ibanez, McKelvie, & Norton)
  • Immortal Iron Fist #1-16, Annual (Mainly Aja, Annual features Chaykin, Djurdjevic, & Brereton)
  • The Order #1-10 (Kitson) 

Basically, these books are 100% newbie-proof. You don’t need any knowledge of previous continuity to read and fully enjoy these titles. I do however recommend reading Immortal Iron Fist BEFORE the Defenders. It will ground that series a bit more, and you’ll likely enjoy even more than you already would.

Note: This sale ends promptly at 11PM EST Monday.

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99c/69p Comixology Sale Today



(The idea of a photo of me PEERING at everyone on Comixology’s mailing list is kinda scary)

Anyway! A sale of my stuff.

Well, of Journey Into Mystery and my Uncanny X-men V2 run, anyway, and one issue of Rob Rodi that has got mixed in.

(I’m tagging this YA, as I know a bunch of people have expressed interest in reading the backstory to Kid Loki.)

Comxiology purchases can either be read on Android, Apple, Kindle Fire or Windows 8 devices. They can also be read online in a browser, for those who stay away from tablets and similar.

For those who don’t follow comics or my Marvel stuff, and just want to try a few issues, I’d recommend these ones specifically out of context.

UNCANNY X-MEN 4: A standalone issue from the perspective of an alien creature the X-men end up fighting, with me playing with alien perception and the horrors you can do with juxtaposition. Brandon Peterson really leaned into the bio-organic horror of it all, and does incredible Phalanx. It’s basically the themes of my X-men run in a single issue.
UNCANNY X-MEN 14: While this is embedded deep into Avengers Versus X-men, it’s also its own creature. Basically, it’s an extended pastiche of Notes From Underground in a Steampunk-critique city buried beneath the Earth, and about determinism and society. Even if you don’t read it, it’s worth coming to see what Dustin Weaver does with the cityscapes. It’s virtuoso stuff. I think this may be the best issue I did during Uncanny, and certainly in the top five of what I’ve done for Marvel. Here’s Colin TooBusyThinkingAboutComics writing about it.
JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY 632: While the final issue is JIM’s high point, this is my favourite single issue. It’s a Christmas story based around Loki having to find homes for seven hellhounds. It’s cute and funny, but has a mass of doom and darkness bubbling beneath the surface – which is basically the core of what JIM does. The Breitweisers make it all look like a seasonal card too. I think the panel with Leah holding up her skirt when she chases around the hellhounds may be my favourite image of the Hel-maid in the entire run.
JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY: THE MANCHESTER GODS 639640,641: I’d recommend reading it out of contest primarily for people who aren’t actually going to read the rest of JIM. It’s got a fairly serious position in the larger story, in terms of various reveals. However, as its own thing, it’s me writing about the concept of Britain and firing it through a half-dozen fantasy filters. It’s as mad as the maddest parts of Phonogram. For example, it features a Tony Wilson analogue as a urban druid. I still can’t believe I got away with most of this stuff.

And a few things I’d say before buying either run.

This stands alone. However, it is embedded in Avengers VersusX-men, the major crossover event of the year it was published. The information you need to know is worked in, and AvX was always where the run was ending at – and my themes aimed to dovetail with i ts – but it’s worth noting. The first 10 issues are by themselves, but do feature a lot of foreshadowing of where it’s going.

There’s a sort-of postscript to my run in the form of AVX Consequences, which you can also buy, though it’s full price.

Journey Into Mystery is basically a closed novel. However due to existing in the modern superhero comics mainstream, it subverted a bunch of crossovers it was involved with to tell it – namely the EXILED crossover with NEW MUTANTS and the EVERYTHING BURNS crossover with Thor. It was also launched out of the FEAR ITSELF crossover, though include any important beats you need to know in JIM. I usually say FEAR ITSELF is WW2, and we’re a story about the Enigma code.

Anyway – if you buy the first 14 issues, and 539-541, they stand alone. The issue of Thor and New Mutants you would need to buy to get the complete thing are…


The Exiled/New Mutants issues are now a couple of dollars, but The Might Thor ones are full price.

I suspect it’s still worth throwing down for all the JIM issues. You won’t get them cheaper, and you can always come back and get the others. And to state the obvious, for anyone who pirates comics as they think they’re too expensive, now would be a good time to show that they would purchase at a lower price.

You can buy here. And it’s a sale just for today, so – er – buy today? That sounds about right.

Also, FYI this sale ends promptly at 11PM EST, so waiting until the last minute is something I don’t recommend.

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Iron Man Sale

comiXology’s Marvel Monday sale features Iron Man today until 11PM EST.

The following titles* are on sale for $.99:

  • Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (have fun with that broken heart!)
  • Iron Man: The Rapture (really disturbing, me gusta)
  • Iron Man: Inevitable (good Joe Casey stuff)
  • Iron Man #128 (Demon in a Bottle, bro)
  • Iron Man #120-127 (Romita Sr, Infantino, & Bob Layton-y goodness)

*Among others

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Iron Man: Season One

Why should you read Iron Man: Season One?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

As far as a standalone Iron Man story goes, I don’t think I’ve seen anything plotted this tight and long since the Extremis arc. This is an origin story and ties in closely to the Tony we see in the comics (616), not in the films. The interiors and coloring create this hazy vibe of bygone eras, almost like you’re looking through a champagne haze and trying to make sense of what’s happening around you. Tony’s narrative remains personal and strong throughout the GN, and ultimately it’s just plain, old good. 

Words: Howard Chaykin

Art: Gerald Parel

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The Marvel 700 promotion is back, folks.
Follow the instructions EXACTLY to guarantee that you will have access to a plethora of free digital comics starting April 11th.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. 
Note: Just refresh the page if it doesn’t immediately load.

The Marvel 700 promotion is back, folks.

Follow the instructions EXACTLY to guarantee that you will have access to a plethora of free digital comics starting April 11th.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. 

Note: Just refresh the page if it doesn’t immediately load.

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G.I. Joe (2013 - ) #1

Words: Fred Van Lente

Art: Steve Kurth

Colors: Joana Lafuente

You guys. Put down your capes and spandex for like five seconds and pay attention to this book. Admittedly, I’ve had a G.I. Joe boner for most of my life, but I’ve never really been able to set time aside and delve into the comics. Fred Van Lente’s new #1 is a perfect entry into the world of the Joe’s as well as being stupidly entertaining. If you’re looking to start reading comics, or you’re getting tired of what you’re currently reading, pick this UP.

Much to my surprise, it has an exceptionally diverse cast.

  • Roadblock, African-American
  • Quick Kick, half Japanese and half Korean, from LA
  • Tunnel Rat, Trinidadian and Chinese, by way of Brooklyn
  • Cover Girl, caucasian and a woman
  • Shipwreck, traditionally Latino (but I’m honestly not sure here? anyone know for sure?)
  • Doc, African-American and a woman
  • Hashtag, Indian-American and a woman
  • Duke, caucasian

Basically, for anyone who watched the original cartoon (holla at a Netflix) these are mostly familiar faces and a great remix of the primary team. 




This is literally everything I’ve ever daydreamed about. Some people day dream about being a superhero. I daydream about being a super blogger.

Look at her. Look how phenomenal she is. She’s going to start Tumblring soon, I bet. Her name is Hashtag. Everyone else go home, Fred Van Lente won the internet. 

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Marvel Civil War On Sale →

Friends, enemies…. Hello.

Break your hearts and lose your minds over Marvel’s Civil War on sale right this second for $.99.

We’re talking every book, every tie-in. No really. 112 books. From Heroes for Hire (s/o to my enterprising pro-reg girls, Misty & Colleen) to freakin’ Ghost Rider, it’s all on sale.

Pick your side.

Suggested Listening

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